Månadsguide januari 2018

SHL has started after Christmas and New Year at full speed. It is now time to pick the final points before it is settled. In the top, Växjö leads 77 points, followed by Djurgården and Färjestad, which both have 63 points.

Risk of leaving SHL

Some teams are fighting at the bottom of the league and Rögle, Karlskrona and Mora are at risk at the moment. However, there are several games left to play and much can happen. Should they fall below the line and need to play a quiz series to keep their place in SHL, then there is still the possibility that they will be left next season. Rögle started the season with many injured and now has a young and new team. It is not common for you to replace players in the middle of the season and it can create chaos. However, it has proved to be a good choice for Rögle as the latest matches picked up new points.

Växjö is still a favorite

This team has made a fantastic trip from being a half team to today being a leading top team in Swedish hockey. They have won SHL and have taken home the cup earlier, and who knows if it continues as it does today, maybe they will win this year too.

Upload to CHL

Next month is the final in CHL, Champions Hockey Leauge, which applies. It is a relatively new tournament in Europe to score the best teams. Swedish team has won all three times so far. It has then been Frölunda who won two times and Luleå won once. Now you can imagine that the other countries in Europe are looking for revans. Do not miss this.

The ladies are fighting

Damland team reached the final but sadly lost against the strong opponent Russia in the 2018 Womens Nations Cup. It was a consistent match that finished 1 – 4. The first period was 0 – 0, the second time was 1 – 1, the Russians left in the last period and scored 0 – 2. Overall, the Swedes fought very well and it was not hard to understand that they lost energy in the last period, and then it also became a bit of a waste unfortunately.

Juniors showed world-class hockey

Both the men’s team and the team from Sweden took a long time in this year’s JVM, which was played in Buffalo, USA. The gentlemen went to the final but lost to the favorite Canada. The ladies also fell in the finals against the home favorite USA. However, there were two teams showing amazing achievements and success and there is great hope that they will shape Swedish hockey in the future.

Sad news in the hockey world

One star in Swedish hockey and former chairman of the hockey association Kjell Nilsson has unfortunately gone missing. He became 74 years old and died after a certain time of severe illness. We remember this warm heart in the heart and thought about reminding us that Kjell Nilsson actually participated and won the first television puck that was played in 1959.